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Veneer Backer Types (Plus Application Tips)

Veneer Backer Types (Plus Application Tips)

Mar 24th 2023

Oakwood Veneer is proud to offer not only a huge collection of domestic and exotic wood veneer species, but a variety of practical veneer backer types as well.Before you purchase your next order of oa … read more
All About Zebra Wood Veneer

All About Zebra Wood Veneer

Feb 23rd 2023

Zebra wood is a beautiful, lustrous wood with light and dark colors and a contrasting, straight-to-wavy grain structure that is pleasing to the eye.But where does this wood come from and why is it suc … read more

Wood Veneer for Lampshades

Feb 4th 2016

Question:I'm trying to make a lamp shade with veneer that is transparent enough to allow light to penetrate. I've tried a couple of species - Walnut and Wattle, without success, it's either too thic … read more

Pinholes in Mahogany Veneer

Jan 27th 2016

Question: I'm a long time finisher I'm having pinhole problems on mahogany veneer I'm using a product called level sealer made by ML Campbell as the piece is to be a clear finish and using as … read more