Backer Information

Bubble-Free Sheet Veneer™ (BFV)

At last, there is a superior quality flexible wood veneer! It has all of the features you are seeking and most of our species are available in it.

The Anatomy of Bubble-Free Sheet Veneer™

  • Select and Premium Grade Veneers
  • Flexible and Sand-able
  • 22.2 mil combined backer thickness
  • Field Tested for over 15 Years
  • No Black Line or NBL
  • Covers Underlying Imperfections
  • Layers Block Moisture Interaction

Think of its construction as being like plywood that's just 22.2 mils (0.022") thick. There are five layers in each sheet of Bubble-Free™ paperbacked veneer:

1st Layer Your Wood Veneer
2nd Layer Melamine/Resin Acrylic
3rd Layer Center Paper
4th Layer Melamine/Resin Acrylic
5th Layer Bottom Paper

Each layer adds stability to the veneer yet it remains flexible. The layers create a complete vapor barrier so stain and finish cannot react with the contact cement or other adhesive.

We have real wood veneer, flexible paperback sheet veneer and wood on wood - 2 ply veneer for all your woodworking projects. We're ready for you to become our customer! We have more than 300 domestic, exotic and burl flexible wood veneer sheets in stock all of the time. If you can't find the veneer you're seeking in our large selection, please call us! Not all of our stock is listed.

It's easy to place your order. We accept all major credit cards. We can ship it the same day you call or place your order online before noon on business days.

We can also put any backer on just about any veneer to meet your exact specifications. Call for details and price!

To appreciate the quality of our products, we hope you are able to come to our showroom. It's in Troy, Michigan and open Monday - Friday from 9:00am until 4:00pm EST.


The terms 10 mil and 22.2 mil (BFV) refer to the thickness of the backer only and not the overall thickness of the sheet. That varies from species to species.

10 Mil Paper Backed Sheet Veneer

The Original! A quality wood veneer with a single 10 mil paper backing. Economical to use yet delivers beautiful results. Available in all species.

Wood on Wood Veneer, W.O.W. (2 Ply)

Superior durability and hiding characteristics with the flexibility rivaling paper backed veneer sheets. Wood veneer with a paperback layer in the middle and a flexible wood backer. Also referred to as 2 ply.

Phenolic Backed Laminate - Real Wood Sheet Veneer

Sometimes referred to as Dura-bull, Rhino back, Plastiback to name a few. Our phenolic backed veneer is the same quality sheet veneers as our 10 mill and 22 mil (BFV) paperback veneer with a durable resin saturated paper backing. Ideal for use over less than perfect substrates. Use it when extra durability and stability are factors. Use it in place of HPL or High Pressure Laminates. Available in many species.