Cherry Veneer

American Black Cherry (prunus serotina) veneer is one of the most popular domestic wood choices. Cherry veneer color is a medium reddish-brown color that quickly darkens. Its natural color will go four to five shades darker from exposure to light and air. It has a fine texture and is rich looking with a smooth, mostly even grain with some wavy effect. It stains well to imitate mahogany, if desired, and finishes to an impressive luster. Most woodworkers stain Cherry veneer dark. Cherry veneer often has some gum which are the dark markings that are spread throughout the veneer.  Cherry heartwood has a pale salmon color when freshly machined and ages to a beautifully warm reddish brown quickly.

 Cherry wood is highly sought-after due to the warm patina it develops naturally over time.  While it has many of the best qualities and feel of the best mahogany, cherry has come to be sought after for its own natural beauty.

Cherry is a domestic wood grown in Canada and the USA.  It is found all along the east coast of North America.

Other names for cherry wood are black cherry, New England Mahogany, and cabinet cherry.

The price of Cherry veneer is moderate from lower grade to the more expensive architectural grade, which is free of knots and gum.  Cherry veneer is available in flat cut (plain slice), quarter cut, rift cut, rotary cut, figured, ropy cherry, rustic, and knotty. Cherry veneer sheets can be book matched, plank matched (similar to solid boards), and slip matched.  There are many different grades from standard to premium as well as architectural.  Sequencing, where all the sheets look the same as they are cut from the same log, is also available.

American Black Cherry veneer is often used in furniture and case goods, retail fixtures, in motorhome interiors, elevator lobbies and yacht interiors, antique restoration and refinish, musical instruments, libraries and residential projects such as kitchens, commercial projects and much more.

Cherry Veneer is available in many sizes including 4’x8, 4’x10’, 4’x12’, larger sizes including 5’x8’, 5’x10’, 5’x12’, as well as cross-grains 8’x4’, 10’x4’, and 12’x4’, and 4’x14’.