Alder Veneer

Alder Veneer has a fine, even textured, cherry-like grain.  Its name alnus rubra (red alder) comes from it’s reddish orange hue when exposed to air.  The flat cut, plain sliced, Clear Red Alder looks like boards side by side. This veneer is very good for cabinet manufacturing. It is similar to Cherry in tone but doesn't darken.  Alder is considered a rustic wood with half of the log being “knotty”, similar to Knotty Pine.  For veneer, the knots are filled with putty for a smoother finish.

Alder Veneer is perfect for many woodworking activities. Red Alder Veneer is used in cabinets, custom-made furniture, kitchens, paneling, and more. Alder as a solid wood has been used for turnings and carving because of its tight grain. It has a smooth grain which differentiates it from Oak and Ash.

Clear Red Alder Veneer can be found in the Pacific Coast of Canada and the United States. The common names are Western Alder, Pacific Coast Alder, and Oregon Alder.  It is a great choice for sustainability due to its fast-growing nature, and its ability to build up soil naturally.

It’s available in 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ sheets with a variety of backings including 10-mil or 22-mil bubble free.