Anigre Veneer

A flat cut Anigre veneer (Anigeria Robusta) exhibits a nice cathedral.  It is a light-colored wood that accepts a stain well, allowing for easier adjustments to color and tone. Due to the large size of the tree, it is perfect for sequencing, which is a method of arranging veneer faces such that each face is in order relative to its original position in the tree and, therefore, contains features of grain and figures similar to adjacent faces. Anigre is used in all aspects of architectural millwork from wall panels to casework and cabinets.

Anigre is a tall tropical hardwood, that can be found in West and East Africa, particularly Tanzania. The common names are Aningeria, Anigre, Aniegre, and Anegré. It can also be known as Landosan, Muna, Osan, Mukali and Kali.

It is available in 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ sheets with a variety of backings including 10-mil or 22-mil bubble free.