Eucalyptus Veneer

Figured Eucalyptus Wood Veneer has beautiful figures that make the grain really stand out. Eucalyptus veneer has a wide range of textures, figures and colors. Premium grade or Bee's Wing has a unique figure that almost shows movement. High end furniture makers love using this veneer due to the pink to golden brown color.  When it is fumed, it turns a dramatic dark, rich brown which further highlights the figure.

Eucalyptus is a species native to Australia, but it can also be found in Spain and North and South America. It was brought from Australia to the United States for carpentry and woodworking in the 1850s.  Eucalyptus globulus, is the type most widely known in the U.S., but there are over 700 varieties of eucalyptus worldwide (mostly in Australia).

Eucalyptus is considered a sustainable choice, due to its fast-growing habit.

It is also known as Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian blue gum tree.