Avodire Veneer

Avodire (Turraeanthus africanus) wood comes from tropical West Africa.  Avodire is pale yellow or cream that darkens with age to a golden honey yellow.  The grain is mostly straight but can also be wavy, or mottled, showing a light luster in these patterns.  Avodire veneer is used in furniture making, high end interior paneling, cabinetmaking, doors, and marquetry work.

Avodire wood is also known as African Satinwood, White Mahogany, Apeya, Apaya, Engan, Lusamba, Agbe, and Esu.

Avodire veneer is available in Standard or Premium quality, sizes 4’x8’ or 4’x10’, and either Peel & Stick (PSA), 10 mil or 22.2 mil (Bubble Free).