Bubinga Veneer

Bubinga (Guibourtia demeusei) is a beautiful wood. With colors ranging from a pinkish red to a darker reddish brown with darker purple or black streaks, Bubinga looks similar to Rosewood despite being an entirely different species of tree.  Bubinga veneer has a combination of straight and interlocking grains.  Depending on the cut, Bubinga wood can show a variety of figures including pommele, flamed, waterfall, quilted, or mottled.  Other names for Bubinga are African rosewood, essingang, kevasingo, and buvenga.  There is a lot of demand for Bubinga as the highly figured wood makes lovely furniture and musical instruments.

Bubinga wood grows in equatorial Africa. 

Bubinga veneer comes in a variety of cuts including quarter cut and flat cut.  Bubinga veneer comes in 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ sizes and a selection of backers, including 10 mil, 22.2 mil (BFV) and Peel and Stick (PSA).