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Khaya Veneer - Flat Cut

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Khaya Veneer

Other Names: African Mahogany

Similar to: South American Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany

Color: Light golden or pinkish brown to deep red brown

Country of Origin: Khaya is a tropical hardwood found in various countries in Africa.

Sustainability: Khaya trees can be large, sometimes eight or ten times the size of a standard Maple tree, making for more wood veneer. 

Appropriate Uses: Khaya veneer can be successfully used on the same projects as South American Mahogany. Typical projects include furniture and cabinetry, store fixtures, hotel and office building lobbies, and much more. 

Description: Flat Cut Khaya has very nice cathedrals that only enhance this beautiful wood. Khaya veneer is an affordable alternative to its more expensive cousin, South American Mahogany (Honduras Mahogany). It's also known as African Mahogany, Nigerian Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghana Tanzania Mahogany. It is usually grown in Central and Eastern parts of Africa. Similar to many other African trees, Khaya is very straight and large. It is so large that it can sometimes grow as much as six to eight times the size of a standard United States Maple or cherry tree. Khaya is generally transported with only one log to a large flat-bed truck. It is typically stained to a very dark and rich tone. Its porous texture takes well to dark stains and finishes while still exhibiting its beautiful grain and high luster. It is a popular choice for projects that feature the beauty of wood.