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Mahogany Veneer - Honduras Flat Cut Panels

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What is Honduras Mahogany? 


Honduras Mahogany veneer varies in color from pink and red to dark red and brown. The texture of this wood veneer is medium to coarse and exhibits a mostly straight grain with some interlocking grain. South American Mahogany stain and polishes to an impressive luster. It is available in different veneer cuts, including Crotch Mahogany [LINK], Fiddleback Mahogany [LINK], Mottle Mahogany [LINK], and Pomelle Mahogany [LINK]. South American Mahogany veneer is available in quarter-cut and flat-cut. 


Other Names: South American Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany, big leaf Mahogany, true Mahogany


Similar to: Black Cherry, Pearwood


Color: varies from elements of pink and red to dark red and brown


Source: Central and South America


Use: Honduras Mahogany is a beautiful wood used for high-end furniture and residential projects, as well as in casewood and cabinetry, custom staircases, antique restoration and refinishing, pool tables, pianos, guitars, drums and other musical instruments, as well as in libraries, court houses, hotel lobbies, country clubs, office buildings and interiors, and other commercial projects.

Flat Cut Honduran Mahogany Wood Veneer is a linear grain with nice cathedrals. Honduran Mahogany is also known as Plain Sliced American Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany and Peruvian Mahogany. It is a relative of Cuban and Spanish Mahogany. For centuries, it's been one of the world's most desired woods for exceptional cabinetry.

American Mahogany is found primarily in Central and South America and often labeled Central American Mahogany or British Honduras Mahogany. Even more names include South American, True, Genuine, Original, Santos, or Real Mahogany, as well as Zopilote Gateado, Araputanga, Agua Acajou, and Mogno. Flat Cut is also known as Plain Sliced or Crown Cut.