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Maple Veneer - Flat Cut

$73.28 - $895.44
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Flat cut Maple veneer is one of the many cuts of the species on the market. Maple Veneer is one of the most popular species in the United States, and Oakwood carries more than 20 different types and cuts. It is known to be a softer wood and can shrink or expand as much as 7% of its dimensional size, due to weather conditions, moisture, and humidity. This is why it is very important to understand the correct installation procedures for Maple Wood Veneer - please see our acclimation [] page or ask one of our veneer experts for more information. . As a side note, this veneer comes from the very same trees that produce maple syrup. Maple veneer takes well to stains and finishes, making it the ideal choice when matching an existing wood color. Flat Cut is also known as Plain Sliced or Crown Cut.

Maple veneer sheets are available in multiple sizes in both standard and premium quality, with several different backer types available. These include 10 mil (for pressing) 22.2mil BFV (bubble-free veneer), phenolic, wood-on-wood (WOW), and peel & stick 3M/PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive). Peel & stick veneer is special order and non-refundable. All other in-stock veneers are refundable with no restocking fee if uncut and restockable.