The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Wood veneer is a natural product and may vary from sheet to sheet.

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Mappa Burl Veneer - Medium Figure

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Mappa Burl is a delightful cream and tan with deep red to brown burl figure. It is found primarily in Europe and the United Kingdom, and is commonly known as European Black Poplar, Black Italian Poplar, Robusta, Finnish Aspen, Swedish Aspen and French Aspen. Mappa burl sheets are available in 4’ x 8’ sheets, and also in other sizes by custom order.

Burl wood veneer is a classic look often found in antique furniture and cabinetry. And yet it is currently the cutting-edge choice of interior designers for rich, impressive high-end woodworking design. A burl is an abnormal growth on a tree created as a reaction to injury or stress. We see burls as knots on a tree. They grow on tree trunks, branches, and sometimes underground in the roots. These knots or burls are thinly sliced and spliced into sheets of wood veneer, creating unique one-of-a-kind designs in wood.

Perfect as a focal point in a room or piece of furniture, burl veneers interact with light and shadow, exhibiting swirling patterns and the appearance of texture, as well as a rich color and depth to each sheet. Burl wood veneer gives the look and feel of luxury to any given woodworking project. Because it is both beautiful and rare, burl wood veneers are the most costly of the sheet wood veneers.

As well as Burl wood’s use in custom—made furniture and cabinetry, these veneers are often used in yacht interiors, in private jets and luxury automobile dashboards. Not only are burl veneers stunningly beautiful, the random and irregular grain pattern in burls make this wood stronger than wood of standard grain. Because of its size and unique patterns and character, burl wood veneer may be applied or installed either vertically or horizontally.

Oakwood Veneer carries thirty different types of burl wood veneer in stock. Species available include Walnut, Camphorwood, Oak, Redwood, Myrtle, Musk, Madrone, Laurel, Australian, and Robel burl. All burl veneers are available in 4’ x 8’ sheets. Special sizes can be custom made by special order.