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Oak Veneer - White Flat Cut Panels

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Other Names: Plain Sliced White Oak, Crown Cut White Oak, American White Oak (UK), Quercus Alba 

Similar to: Grain structure is similar to Red Oak, Red Elm, and White and Brown Ash. 

Color: beige, pale yellow brown to medium tan

Countries of Origin: United States and Canada

Sustainability: Plentiful, no threat of extinction

Appropriate Uses: furniture, dressers, break fronts, tables, antique restoration and refinishing, retail fixtures, yacht interiors, desks and desktops, custom staircases, and more.

Description: Flat cut White Oak veneer exhibits a pleasing “cathedral” design, making it popular among furniture woodworkers, especially those who work in Mission- and Arts and Crafts style projects. White Oak Veneer has a pale yellow brown color. White Oak is a hard wood and relatively easy to work with. It stains and finishes well. Standard grades generally include natural imperfections such as pin knots and natural streaks. The premium grade (or AA grade) Flat Cut White Oak is minus the imperfections. Many designers and woodworkers prefer the look of White Oak’s imperfections.