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Oak Veneer - White Quartered Medium Flake Panels

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Other Names: Qtd White Oak, Flecky White Oak, Flakey White Oak, American White Oak, Tiger Flake White Oak

Similar to: Red Oak

Color: pale yellow brown or tan

Countries of Origin: United States and Canada

Appropriate Uses: hospitality, medical, office buildings, courthouses, municipal offices, jet interiors, antique reproduction furniture, mission-style furniture

Sustainability: Plentiful

Description: Medium Flake Quartered White Oak veneer is cut to reveal an attractive “flake” or “fleck” pattern that gives a distinctive, and sometimes heirloom antique look to woodworking projects. Medium Flake, Quartered White Oak Wood Veneer can give your look a less intense flaky look. The grain is very straight with a color that is a pale yellow brown.Quartered White Oak stains and finishes well and is the wood of choice for many seasoned woodworkers. Flaked or flecky quartered White Oak is considered a premium wood veneer when it is absent of other knots or markings, although some woodworkers are of the opinion that these individual markings or imperfections bring character to the wood and therefore to their finished projects. 

Available Sizes: 4’ x 8’ up to 4’ x 12’, 8’x 4’ cross grain. Custom sizes available by special order.

Backers: 10 mil, Bubble-Free™ (22 mil), WOW (wood on wood), phenolic, and PSA (pressure sensitive or sticky-back). Some panel choices are available by special order only.