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Sapele Veneer - Quartered Ribbon Panels

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For architects and designers specifying Quartered Ribbon Sapele, please select the Premium option, with product number DSV-6762.

Ribbon Stripe Sapele Veneer Quartered is a beautiful veneer with rich lines in the grain. Sapele Veneer has a dark reddish brown tone that can really make a great piece. The straighter grain is good for larger projects. It has a variety of spellings; Sapely, Sepele, Sapelli, Sapelle, Sepelle.

Sapele is from West and East Africa. It's common names are Quarter Sawn or Quarter Cut sapelwood and aboudikrou. Sapele Veneer is very reasonably priced. The stripes in the wood are sometimes referred to as figured. Sapele is very often used for furniture-making, cabinet-making, paneling, and marketry. Higher grades of the veneer generally have straighter, tight grain which is sometimes called "pencil stripe." This wood veneer is a close cousin to African Mahogany and is sometimes even used interchangeably. The sapele tree is very large and therefore it is good for large jobs, because many sheets can be sequenced so that grain and color can match over a very large surface area.