High Pressure Laminate HPL Backed Wood Veneer

Many woodworkers have extensive experience working with plastic laminate products, but have little experience installing wood veneer. This is one of the primary reasons that many choose phenolic back veneer. Our phenolic backing at Oakwood is the same backing that you will find on HPL plastic laminate sheets. Therefore, all of the laminate installation skills completely translate to this type of veneer backing.


High pressure laminate veneer can also be laminated to any substrate, including MDF, particle board, or plywood. We currently have about 25 species of HPL backed veneer in stock daily, and we can put any of our 300 species onto HPL phenolic backing within a couple of business days. Why wait 2-3 weeks to get the materials you need, when you can have them shipped same day or in two days depending on species?

Some great uses for laminate backed veneer sheets include:

1. Refacing kitchen cabinets.

2. Commercial and residential interiors

3. Laid-up veneer on panels and walls

4. Veneering over a somewhat rough or uneven surface.