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Bubinga Veneer - Pommele Premium

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What is Bubinga Veneer?

Bubinga veneer is pinkish red with purple streaking and is a favorite for high end furniture and antique furniture restoration. This veneer, also known as African Rosewood, has a mix of straight and interlocking grain and has an interesting brown-red figure with a consistent open texture. When finished, Bubinga veneer exhibits a beautiful glowing brown sheen. Bubinga veneer is available in flat cut, quarter cut, quarter-cut figured, as well as waterfall and pommele. This is a high-end wood veneer prized by woodworkers and consumers alike.

Other Names: African Rosewood

Similar to: Kewazinga rotary cut 

Color: pinkish brown-red with purple streaking

Source: Central and West Africa

Uses: Bubinga Rosewood is a beautiful wood veneer suitable for use on all vertical and horizontal surfaces, in furniture and case goods, table tops and and high-end dining room furniture, RV and car interiors, yacht interiors, in antique restoration and refinishing, jewelry boxes and humidors, musical instruments, pianos, library and residential projects, and much more.Quartered Figured Bubinga Wood Veneer has a straighter grain than its flat cut counterpart put still gives you the beauty of the wood.

Premium Pommele Bubinga Veneer is a great choice for dramatic effects. The apple-like figures can give the piece you are making a stand out.

It is often referred to as Kevasingo, and African Rosewood. Bubinga comes from Cameroon, Gabon and Zaire, and is also called Essingang, Kevazingo and Buvenga.