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Ebony Veneer - Macassar Quartered Italian Panels

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What is Macassar Ebony Veneer?


Ebony Veneer is a beautiful black and dark brown wood veneer with bands of pale beige and yellow. It is an exotic and rare tropical hardwood and among the costliest of the wood veneers on the market. It has a mostly straight grain, with occasional waviness that only adds interest to its look. Ebony veneer finishes to an impressive smooth and high luster.


Other names: Macassar Ebony, Indian Ebony, Sri Lankan Ebony


Similar to: African Ebony


Color: Dark brown and black with bands or stripes of light beige or yellow


Source: Islands in Indonesia


Use: Beautiful and rare Ebony is the choice for special projects such as custom staircases, antique restoration and refinish, pool tables, jewelry boxes and humidors, musical instruments such as drums, guitars and pianos, libraries, country clubs, office interiors, and more.

Oakwood's Italian Qtr Macassar Ebony Wood Veneer is an affordable way to use Ebony in a project. This Italian Qtr Macassar Ebony is a reconstituted product which is easy to get many sheets that look alike.