The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Wood veneer is a natural product and may vary from sheet to sheet.

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Plastiback Balance Sheet

$34.88 - $105.12
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Balance backer sheets are relatively inexpensive and used when doing large surfaces of MDF and particle board. When used as a backer, it prevent warping and curling. Many woodworkers like using plastiback because it can also be used in exterior applications because it is moisture resistant. It is also sandable, and easily cuts with a knife. Many people try to paint it with a similar color to the corresponding veneer choice.

***Important! Note that there are two thickness options available below: 11 mil (left side) and 24 mil (right side). 11 mil generally works for 10 mil press applications as a balance backer (some find it works for opposite 22 mil backed veneer as well). For painting and 22 mil veneer with contact cement balance backer applications, 24 mil plastiback is the recommmended thickness.