Acacia Veneer

Acacia (acacia sp.) wood grows in tropical and subtropical regions like Africa, Asia, and Australia. It is part of the pea family, Fabaceae, along with 160 other trees and shrubs.  The most common species in the United States is Australian Blackwood. Acacia wood comes primarily from Australia, but a few species are found in Asia and the Pacific islands

Acacia wood is a reddish or deep brown hue with regular chocolate brown markings.  Acacia wood veneer showcases a grain that is straight or curvy, but not regular.  Acacia wood veneer has great variability from piece to piece.  It stains and finishes well, looking similar to mahogany in some cases.

Acacia trees are adaptable to many climates and are grown all over the world. In general, Acacia trees are fast-growing and easy to replace. They grow well without fertilizer and do not often need pesticides as they are bug and fungus resistant, making Acacia wood a sustainable choice. 

Acacia wood veneer has many uses such as: furniture, billiard tables, gun stocks, and boat building, as well as interior doors and architectural paneling.

Acacia veneer is available in 4’x8’, 4’x10’ and cross grain of 8’x4’.  Oakwood Veneer sells Acacia veneer with a variety of backers including 10 mil, 22.2 mil (BFV-Bubble free), and Peel and Stick (PSA).