Teak Veneer

Teak wood veneer (Tectona grandis) is a golden honey-brown color with darker streaks.  This color darkens when exposed to light.  As it ages and the oils dissipate the wood turns to a soft gray.  If the brown color is preferred oils or sealants can be applied to maintain the gold color indefinitely.  Teak Veneer Flat Cut has a nice tone with interesting cathedrals while a Quarter cut showcases fine, straight, dark brown grain lines.

 Teak wood has long been known as a first choice for boat interiors and other marine uses as well as outdoor furniture due to its high oil content that makes it resistant to rot. It was also used as the decks on early aircraft carriers and high-end yachts.   It is darker and oilier than Afromosia.

Due to its variability between trees and even within the same tree, sequencing and matching can be challenging with Teak. 

Marine Teak is primarily found in Burma and India but can be found throughout all Southeast Asia. It is also known as African, Burma, or Burmese Teak Veneer, mai sak, pahi, sagwan, tekku, kyun, sagon, tegina, tadi, jati sak, djati and gia thi.

Teak veneer sheets are available in standard and premium quality.  Sizing includes 4’x8, 4’x10’, 4’x12’, and 4’x14’. Crossgrains is available in 8’x4’ sheets. These wood veneer sheets are also available with several different backers, including 10 mil (for pressing) and 22.2 mil BFV (bubble-free veneer).