The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Wood veneer is a natural product and may vary from sheet to sheet.

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Oak Veneer - White Rift Premium Italian

$159.68 - $357.60
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Other Names: Manmade rift sawn white oak, Reconstituted Rift Cut White Oak, Comb Grain or Combed Grain White Oak Veneer


Similar to: Natural Rift White Oak


Color: Light tan or light brown


Country of Origin: Italy and others


Sustainability: As this is an engineered wood veneer, it is plentiful and sustainable.


Appropriate Use: For any projects requiring sequenced matching over a large area, such as paneled walls for Lobbies, Courthouses, Retail Projects, Hospital Lobbies, Office Buildings, and much more.


What is Premium Italian Engineered Rift White Oak?


Engineered premium Italian rift white oak is created from laminated and dyed layers of a fast-growing natural wood, creating a desirable and durable surface for projects covering large areas, such as courthouses or hotel lobbies. It presents with a uniform color and grain pattern and has zero defects. There is no need to request (or pay for) sequencing, as each sheet is similar to the next, making for a pleasing cohesive look often requested by designers and architects, whether making use of wood veneer sheets or panels. This veneer is perfect for large jobs where matching veneer across the project is desirable.