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Oak Veneer - White Rift

$127.68 - $539.40
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Other Names: Rift White Oak, Rift Cut White Oak, Rift Sawn White Oak, American White Oak

Similar to: Quartered White Oak, Quarter Cut White Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Japanese Oak, Rift Red Oak

Color: Light beige to medium brown. Finishes to a rich honey tone.

Country of Origin: United States and Canada

Sustainability: Plentiful 

Description: Rift White Oak exhibits either a straight grain or a mildly curved grain. Its grain is narrower than Red Rift Oak. This veneer often has a combed grain appearance. It is cut from larger logs and therefore is often available in sequenced matched batches. While Rift White Oak is similar to Quarter Sawn White Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak is more likely to get a flakey grain, which may be desirable for certain woodworking projects. The standard grade of Rift White Oak can exhibit small pin marks or knots, which some woodworkers (and end users) prefer as it imparts character to the wood. Premium grade Rift White Oak is free of natural markings, which many find to be most aesthetically appealing. Rift White Oak is widely available and is among the more affordable wood veneer.